05.31.05 Update


Reuters reports on the popularity of "Cry of the Dead", a film that has been seen by approximately more than half of the fervently-Orthodox population of Israel.

Nixon was wrong - 'Deep Throat' not Jewish: (JTA) A former FBI agent who outed himself as Watergate’s “Deep Throat” is not Jewish, contrary to what President Nixon and his aides believed.

Mark Felt, 91, revealed himself to Vanity Fair magazine this week as the best-known anonymous source of the last century. Nixon, who clashed with Felt over the FBI’s refusal to use questionable means to track down leaks, came to suspect that Felt leaked information. In a 1972 conversation recorded on the Nixon tapes, top aide H.R. Haldeman tells the president that Felt is Jewish. Nixon expresses shock that a Jew could have reached such a senior post, and speculates that Felt — J. Edgar Hoover’s right-hand man — might be leaking information because he is Jewish.

In fact, Felt is of Irish ancestry and claims no religious affiliation.

Ha'aretz reports that the company that owns Israel's only toll road is doing so well that the concessionaire of the project may have to pay the government funds due to the actual traffic load being higher than projections. Last year, Israel paid the concessionaire on settlement because the traffic numbers were lower than projected. The Trans-Israel highway was opened in January 2003.

25.1% of Israeli adults smoke, and the government may be taking action to reduce that rate, according to the Jerusalem Post.

More deliveries of vehicles into Israel in May than any other month; Delek Motors, who imports Ford and Mazda makes delivered 6700 units. Globes reports here.

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