06.06.05 Update


Jerusalem Day turns violent (JTA) Palestinians threw rocks at Jews on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. Two groups of Jewish tourists were allowed up to the holy site Monday as Israel marked Jerusalem Day, but came under a barrage of rocks thrown by hundreds of Palestinians who had gathered at the mosques there. Two tourists were lightly hurt before police dispersed the crowd. A suspected stone-thrower was arrested. On Sunday, Israeli authorities turned down a request by the Temple Mount Faithful, a Jewish extremist group, to visit the site as part of celebrations marking 38 years since Jerusalem was reunited in the 1967 Six-Day War.
Also: Arutz Sheva reports that PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas blames the Israeli government for the attack on the Jews.

Kiev forum calls for deportation of Jews (JTA) Participants at an anti-Zionist conference in Kiev called for the deportation of Jews from Ukraine. The call came from one of the participants in the June 3 meeting in the Ukrainian capital.
David Duke, a U.S. white supremacist, presided over the one-day conference, titled “Zionism as the Biggest Threat to Modern Civilization.”

A number of Ukrainian politicians and public figures took part in the conference, including Levko Lukyanenko, a member of Parliament from the bloc headed by Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko. The conference, which billed itself as an academic event, was held at the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, or MAUP, Ukraine’s largest private university, whose leaders have a history of anti-Semitism.

A spy submarine that entered Israeli waters last year reportedly was American. (JTA) Israel’s Channel Two reported Sunday that the U.S. Navy sent the submarine, which was turned away from the coast near Haifa in November, apparently to gather intelligence on military developments in Israel. Such forays are commonplace, even between allies such as Israel and the United States, the television station said. At the time of the submarine detection, Israeli experts had speculated that it was European. Israeli and U.S. officials had no comment on the Channel Two report.

The North American Jewish federation system approved a major fund-raising initiative. (JTA) The United Jewish Communities’ Board of Trustees voted Sunday for a campaign to raise funds for Ethiopian aliyah and for elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union. The $160 million campaign will take place over several years and is a separate and additional campaign from the federation system’s annual campaign. Some $100 million will go toward the expedited immigration and absorption of the Falash Mura, Ethiopian Jews whose ancestors converted to Christianity, and for the integration of Ethiopian Jews already living in Israel. The remaining funds are intended to support poor, elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union and for Jewish identity-building programs for youth there.

According to a Ha'aretz report, Israel has offered to lay a rail line that would go from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank to the PA. Story here.

The AP reports on a new non-lethal sound device that the Israeli army used last week to disperse a violent Palestinian demonstration.

A former professor at the University of South Florida was in court today facing charges that he was a top leader of Islamic Jihad and had funneled money for the terrorist organization, financing suicide bombings. Report from Reuters here.

Max Baer, Jr. (who played Jethro in 'Beverly Hillbillies') claims "Cinderella" portrayal of his father is a bad fairy tale. More from the NY Daily News here.

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