06.07.05 Update


Burglars stole Israeli windsurfer Gal Fridman’s Olympic gold medal. (JTA)The medal, which Fridman won at the 2004 Athens Games, was stolen before dawn Tuesday from his parents’ home in the Israeli town of Karkur, police said. Fridman and the Israeli Olympic Committee issued an appeal over national media for the medal’s return. “If the thieves can’t return everything, at least they should give back the medal. I can’t describe the sort of trauma this is,” Fridman told Ma’ariv.

Rudolph Giuliani offered to help Israel fight crime. (JTA)“I am prepared to help you but it would have to be done on a clandestine basis, not publicly and not through a newspaper,” the former New York City mayor said Tuesday when asked by Yediot Achronot about recent calls by Israeli authorities to emulate his law-enforcement policies, which curbed crime in New York City. Giuliani noted that during his time as mayor, New York had 55 police officers for every 10,000 citizens, more than twice the figure in Israel. Asked about plans by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to boost Israel’s police force, Giuliani stressed that it’s important for new personnel to undergo adequate training, but speculated that mandatory military service in Israel would help. “One supposes that training someone who was in the military would be quicker and better,” he told the newspaper.

Lake Worth, Florida's only synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom, hires new rabbi Jackie Wexler. Story from the Orlando Sentinel here.

Yedioth Ahronoth reports that the Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin was killed today during a gun battle with the IDF.

The American Jewish Committee criticized Texas’ governor for signing two “values-related” bills in a Christian school. (JTA) Rick Perry signed measures requiring parental consent for abortion and expressing support for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage on a visit Sunday to the Calvary Christian Academy in Fort Worth, Texas, prompting the AJCommittee’s general counsel, Jeffrey Sinensky, to accuse the governor of “blatantly mixing political and religious affairs.” Perry sent a message that he is “politically aligned with one particular religious movement, working to advance its interests while they work to advance his,” Sinensky said. Perry and his spokesmen earlier had dismissed such criticism, saying it was an excuse to target the values in the bill.

reports on a new technology from Israel that is helping people with dyslexia.

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