06.08.05 Update


Seventy percent of French citizens think anti-Semitism is a widespread phenomenon in France, according to a recent poll. (JTA) But 91 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed by the French Association of Friends of the University of Tel Aviv said an acquaintance’s Jewishness would have “no effect whatsoever” on them, as opposed to 83 percent who said this in 1987. Ninety-five percent said they wouldn’t care if they had a Jewish doctor; 92 percent would think nothing of having a Jewish boss. Nine percent said they would be opposed to having a Jewish son- or daughter-in-law, and 17 percent would be opposed to the election of a Jewish president. Some members of the Jewish community have criticized the poll for ignoring areas of France, such as heavily Muslim suburbs of Paris, where anti-Semitic attitudes are believed to be more prevalent.

Israel plans to build a huge water-theme park near Eilat. (JTA) The $350 million Israel Aquaria project, mostly funded by American Jewish investors, is expected to get a green light soon from the Finance Ministry, Ma’ariv said Wednesday. The 375-acre park would take about six years to build. It would be located in Eilot, an agricultural community just north of Israel’s main Red Sea resort.

The Jerusalem Report has a story about a new synagogue being inaugurated at Yad Vashem with Judaica and other religious items from European synagogues that had been either damaged or destroyed during the Holocaust.

Pope Benedictus XVI will meet with representatives from several Jewish organizations Thursday at the Vatican. Story from Ha'aretz here.

Reuters reports on a
poll commissioned by Channel 2 television program, Mishal Ham, that finds less than half of Israelis support the Gaza pullout.

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