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Here at the DSJV offices, we get tons of items for review - from books to dvds name it.

Although we do review a fair number of items (and plan to review a much more complete collection of what comes in, in the very near future) things sometimes just don't make the cut for whatever reason.

Late last year, we received a CD from the publicity agent that handles Neshama Carlebach. It's the fifth CD of her career, and it's - guess what - great.

In case you're wondering, yes, her father *is* Shlomo Carlebach. And yes, she does have his talent.

Many of us hear the words 'Jewish music' together and think we automatically know what to expect, that whatever it is will fall into one of several very familiar categories....klezmer, camp-style singing, niggunim, etc. Neshama Carlebach's music is soulful. It's sometimes jazzy.

Adon Olam - the song that has at least a million different tunes - takes on a whole new meaning with her musical interpretation. This ain't your daddy's Adon Olam.

On her website, she writes:
My father always said that when we sing, it's like we’re praying twice. When I am on stage I experience prayer in the deepest sense. In this crazy world, sadly enough, people often are too afraid to feel. We too terrified to open our souls to our deepest prayers, yet so broken at all we are missing inside. Somehow, when we don't have the words to express all that we need, music says it for us. Music can somehow break our hearts and allow us to feel so whole all at the same time.

Most of the songs were written by her father, but Neshama makes them all her songs. Make up for lost time and pick it up from here.

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