07.10.05 Update


Israeli officials reject British PM Tony Blair's comments regarding causes of last week's terrorist attacks in London, according to the Jerusalem Post. More from Arutz Sheva here.

Two Jews are feared to be among the victims of the London bombings
. (JTA) Israeli expatriate Anat Rosenberg, 39, was aboard a bus that was blown up by suspected Islamist terrorists in the British capital Thursday. Her boyfriend, John Falding, told Israeli media that Rosenberg was speaking to him by cellphone when the blast occurred. "I heard shouting, and then the call was cut off," he said. Also among some two-dozen people unaccounted for after the attacks is Miriam Hyman, 33, a London resident. Hyman's father John told Yediot Aharonot that she called him as her train in the Underground was evacuated after the initial blasts occurred, but has not been in contact since. The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said that around 50 Israelis vacationing in London have not been in touch with their families since Thursday, but that there is no immediate concern that they were among casualties of the worst peacetime attack on Britain.

reports that "Alles auf Zucker" (Go for Zucker), a comedy about a German Jewish family, won three awards - including best picture - at the German Film Awards on Friday.

According to Ha'aretz, the Conservative movement's
Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem will be allowed to award master's degrees now that the institute has been given recognition from Israel's Council for Higher Education.

A Jewish cemetery in Slovakia has been damaged by vandals, according to the AP.

Israel's president called for the country to seek a peace accord with the Palestinians after it withdraws from the Gaza Strip. (JTA) "If and when the plan is implemented, a diplomatic framework must be put together," Moshe Katsav told Maariv on Sunday. "It is my belief that it would be right to begin talking about a final accord between us and the Palestinians. Over the last 12 years, we have made three historic concessions - Oslo, the road map, and the disengagement plan - and got nothing in exchange. What have they given us in return? This method of bit-by-bit, the salami method, is nice and convenient for them. It should be stopped, and final status talks started." Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has presented the withdrawals from Gaza and the northern West Bank, slated to begin in August, as an opportunity to jump-start peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. But he has ruled out any progress until it cracks down on terrorism as required by the U.S.-led "road map".

Israeli backpackers, sponsored by the Jerusalem AIDS project, will be traveling through
Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa this summer to educate people about HIV/AIDS, reports the Jerusalem Post.

A Canadian court found a former aboriginal leader guilty Friday of willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group for strongly antisemitic comments. (JTA) Sentencing for David Ahenakew was expected later on Friday. Speaking at a 2002 native conference and afterward to a reporter, Ahenakew unleashed a diatribe against the Jewish people, calling them a "disease" and asserting that Hitler was justified when he "fried six million of those guys." The unrepentant 71-year-old reportedly wore his controversial Order of Canada pin on his lapel in court and shook his head a few times as the guilty verdict was read aloud in the packed courtroom. Earlier this week, the Order of Canada’s advisory council began proceedings to strip Ahenakew of the honor. The Canadian Jewish Congress welcomed the verdict. "Ahenakew's actions may have temporarily captured the attention of Canadians, but they do not define the relationship between the Jewish and aboriginal communities," said Ed Morgan, the Congress' national president. "Our communities have a long history of interconnection and compassion for each other's issues, and that will not change because of an individual." More from the Globe and Mail here.

An Israeli Ministry of Education book designed for use in a first aid course for Arab and Druze youth was printed "dedicated to the families of the holy martyrs of Al-Aksa, the pure souls of our loved ones" according to Arutz Sheva. The ministry blames the error on an external printing company.

The 17th Maccabiah Games in Israel are underway, and records have already been broken. Coverage here from Yedioth Ahronoth.

Arutz Sheva reports that a kosher store in Moscow was attacked by neo-Nazis.

Central Bureau of Statistics shows a 70% increase over last year in the sales of privately-owned apartments in Jerusalem, according to Globes.

A collision between a train and a truck in southern Israel injured 34 people. (JTA) The collision occurred Friday near the town of Kiryat Gat. Medical officials said the truck, hauling cars, was attempting to cross the tracks. A similar collision last month, also in southern Israel, killed seven people and injured 200.

Seven university and college presidents will visit Israel next week. (JTA) The group will meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials, as well as with academic counterparts in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, during an eight-day "Israel Institute" trip organized by the United Jewish Communities and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. "At this critical time for the future of Israel and efforts to advance prospects for peace, we are especially excited to bring key higher-education leaders to meet with Israeli decision makers, university presidents and ordinary citizens," said JCPA Chairwoman Marie Abrams, who will lead the trip. The groups are planning to bring Protestant and Hispanic leaders to Israel on similar trips later this year.

Universal Pictures sent out this press release (can be read in full here):

Three-time Academy Award®-winning director-producer Steven Spielberg has commenced production on an as-yet untitled historical thriller set in the aftermath of the 1972 massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Universal Pictures will release the film in the United States and Canada on December 23, 2005; DreamWorks Pictures will handle international marketing and distribution.

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