Reserve your High Holy Day Greetings in the DSJV - it's an attractive, fast, and easy way to wish all your family and friends a happy 5766!

The greetings we show below are options for your greeting (they aren't actual-size, but are used here as examples as how you can put your greeting together).

There are just four easy steps:

1.) Choose what size greeting you'd like to send:

  • 2"x2" $26
  • 3"x2" $38
  • 4"x2" $48
  • 4"x3" $64
  • 4"x4" $80
  • 5"x6" $145
2.) Choose what design you'd like to use:
  • apples and honey
  • pomegranate
  • Western Wall
  • magnolia
  • Israel flag
  • tallis
3.) Choose your greeting. You can pick from any of the ones we show below, or come up with your own (editor reserves right to refuse). Greetings can be up to thirty words total, including your name.

4.) Pay one of two ways:

(a.) Pay via creditcard.
Just click the link below on the size you want to purchase, and you'll be directed to PayPal. Enter your design choice and greeting text (as well as the family name you want to appear) in the message box when you pay.
(b.) Mail in your payment along with your instructions on size, design, and greeting <If any of the required information has been omitted, we reserve the right to pick a design or wording for your greeting.> to us at:
Deep South Jewish Voice
PO Box 130052
Birmingham, AL 35213

Deadline for receiving greeting orders is September 16, 2005. Orders received after that date will be returned.

Call the DSJV offices at 205.322.9002 with any questions, or email us at

L'Shanah Tova, Y'all!

2" x 2" Greeting : $26

3" x 2" Greeting : $38

4" x 2" Greeting : $48

4" x 3" Greeting : $64

4" x 4" Greeting : $80

1/4 Page (5" x 6") Greeting : $145

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