New Orleans Jews now in the Houston area will meet tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at Beth Israel Congregation, according to the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans. The meeting will be a chance for those who escaped the hurricane to get together, and also exchange information.

The New Orleans Federation is also looking for the whereabouts of the following individuals. Anyone with information should contact Adam Bronstone,

Dr. Steve and Sherry Levine
Bunny Scherzer
Cliff McGinness
Karl Mercker
Joe Frederick
Igor and Heidi Vizelberg
The Kural Family (1218 Selma)
Amram Cohen
Yoram Ben Amram
Scott Ateias
Ricky Ateias
Charles Wendell
Hillel Cannizaro

DSJV has learned that the Israeli government Aliyah Committee will meet tomorrow morning to discuss a "Katrina Rescue Mission to Israel," for those who are interested in moving to Israel under the Law of Return.

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