With the entire New Orleans Jewish community in exile, DSJV editor Larry Brook called the Jewish Federation of New Orleans, currently based in Houston, and offered to step in during the interim to serve as the Jewish newspaper. In the past, other communities in Louisiana have expressed interest in being included in the DSJV coverage area; those communities will be included as well.

We are doing this as a service to the communities that are dealing with the effects of Hurricane Katrina, as it is vital to have a source of community information.

There will no charge for subscriptions to any member of the Jewish community in or from Louisiana.

Stacks of upcoming issues will be sent to Jewish institutions in communities outside the existing coverage area where there are large numbers of New Orleans Jews, such as Houston, Little Rock, Atlanta and Memphis.

DSJV already covers all of Alabama, Mississippi and northwest Florida. The paper has covered Louisiana events, mostly through the activities of the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life in Jackson. The paper publishes twice a month; the first post-Katrina issue is expected to be in homes by the middle of next week.

Anyone who is from Louisiana that has a permanent relocation address and wants to receive the paper directly can email information@deepsouthjewishvoice.com.

Delivery issues

The United States Postal Service, citing widespread destruction in parts of Mississippi and Louisiana, as well as damage to postal facilities, is not accepting any Standard Mail A -- the classification DSJV uses for its distribution -- for Zip codes starting with 393 (Meridian area), 394 (Hattiesburg), 395-396 (Mississippi coast), 700-701 and 704 (New Orleans area). We were unable to send any of the Early September issues to those areas, and will likely not be able to send any issues into those areas until further notice.

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