The award-winning documentary "Shalom Y'all," about a third-generation Southern Jew from New Orleans in search of his roots, is being made available by the filmmaker to be used in fundraisers for Hurricane Katrina relief.

Brian Bain left for Dallas before the storm hit. A month later, he was still unable to return home but reported that hundreds of DVDs were lost in the flood. An order has already been placed to restock his inventory, and the website,, is taking orders.

He is offering use of the film for benefit screenings, with a request that those showing the film donate "90 percent of the proceeds to the Katrina benefit of your choice, and we'd ask that as part of your fundraising screening, we receive 10 percent from ticket sales and donations to help replace Shalom Y'all materials and our lives."

To request information for a screening, contact Bain at

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