A suicide bomber has wounded at least 20 people at the central bus station in Tel Aviv; report from Ha'aretz here.

An audio tape, assumed to be the voice of Osama bin Laden, has been released that states that Al Quaeda is almost ready to attack the U.S. again, with mentions of a truce agreement (more at CNN or Fox News).

(JTA) Missing Israeli airman Ron Arad is probably dead, Hezbollah's leader said. Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, whose Lebanese militia has been under pressure to locate Arad in order to pursue a prisoner swap with Israel, said for the first time Wednesday that this could prove impossible.

"If any information were available to us about Ron Arad, we would have made a new deal," Nasrallah told Lebanon's NTV television. "If you ask me for my conclusion, I would said that he is dead and lost." Arad bailed out of his crippled warplane on a mission in Lebanon in 1986.

Israel believes local Shi'ite militiamen handed him over to Hezbollah or Iran. Israeli authorities say they presume Arad to be alive until evidence to the contrary is produced.

(JTA) Almost two-thirds of Israelis would agree to cede areas of eastern Jerusalem to the Palestinians under a peace deal, a survey found. According to the poll published this week by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, 63 percent of Israeli adults would give up Arab neighborhoods in the capital as part of a diplomatic breakthrough, though the vast majority rule out such concessions on the Western Wall or Temple Mount.

But the researchers noted that 75 percent of those Israelis who would cede land to the Palestinians under a peace accord said they did not believe there would be a deal under current political conditions.

(JTA) A nondenominational Jewish college in Boston is joining with a university to establish a center for Jewish learning in South Florida.

The collaboration between Hebrew College and Nova Southeastern University aims to train Jewish early-childhood education and day-school teachers, offering classes for undergraduates and graduates in Hebrew and Jewish studies, and adult learning and professional training programs.

Globes reports about the competition between Israir, El Al, and others for passengers on flights between New York and Tel Aviv.

Heard of Synagogue 3000's "Jewish Emergent"? The AP reports.

Oprah Winfrey has chosen Night by Elie Wiesel to be the next title in Oprah's Book Club.


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