Reuters reports that Israel today launched a satellite to enhance its surveillance of Iraq.

Arutz Sheva reports that industrial exports to the United States, not including diamonds, was up 9% since the beginning of the year. Story here.

The 16-year-old Weston, Florida boy who was injured in last week's terrorist bus bombing at the central bus station in Tel Aviv awoke from his coma today. Story from the Herald Tribune here.

Israel marked Holocaust Memorial Day. (JTA) The Jewish state came to a halt Tuesday morning when sirens sounded for two minutes as part of annual ceremonies honoring the 6 million victims of the Nazi genocide. The 24-hour events began Monday night with a gathering of political and religious leaders in Jerusalem, where six Holocaust survivors lit memorial candles. This year’s commemorations emphasized “The Human Spirit in the Shadow of Death.” Around 280,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel, constituting 40 percent of the population over age 60.

Norway stood by its decision to admit two Hamas lawmakers next month. (JTA) Oslo on Monday rebuffed U.S. pressure to cancel a May 15 visit by a Palestinian Authority parliamentary delegation, which is to include two members of the Islamic terrorist group and will meet a local pro-Palestinian lobby. Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said members of his office would take the opportunity to hold talks with the delegates. “Norway’s government has not invited Hamas to Norway, but if people with a Hamas background come here, we will meet with them,” Stoere told reporters.

Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum, leader of the Chasidic Satmar sect, was buried Tuesday in Brooklyn. (JTA) Teitelbaum died Monday in New York at age 91 after a battle with spinal cancer. His funeral was attended by thousands of followers, The Associated Press reported.

“We are like orphans left without a father,” Teitelbaum’s son, Aaron, said at the funeral.

It remains unclear who will follow Teitelbaum as leader of the Satmar sect, which numbers an estimated 120,000 people. Aaron Teitelbaum and his brother, Zalmen Teitelbaum, have been battling over succession. Teitelbaum took the Satmar reins in 1979 following the death of his uncle.

The Satmars oppose the State of Israel and often make common cause with Israel’s enemies because they believe Jews should not have political sovereignty until the Messiah comes. Teitelbaum was born in what is today Romania and came to the United States in 1946, the A.P. reported.

Jordan accused Hamas of planning to carry out attacks on its soil. (JTA) The government on Monday announced the arrest of several members of the Palestinian terrorist group, saying they were plotting attacks on strategic Jordanian sites on orders from the Hamas leadership in Syria. Hamas denied the charge, saying it has never been hostile to Jordan. Last week, Jordan canceled a visit by Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar, a senior Hamas member, accusing the group of stockpiling weapons on Jordanian soil.


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