The Jewish Children’s Regional Service announces that all Jewish youth from the 2005 Hurricane Zone are eligible for significant camp scholarship awards for summer 2007.

All youth are eligible for $1,000 awards for 3- to 4-week summer overnight programs, and $500 for 10- to 14-day programs. These awards are available to all Jewish families in the Hurricane Zone and are not based on financial need.

Those families that document financial need and require additional funding are eligible for higher scholarship awards from JCRS.

Jewish youth who live in other parts of the seven-state region served by JCRS are also eligible for need-based awards. In both of its camp scholarship programs, JCRS served over 500 Jewish youth in 2006.

In order to qualify for the $1,000 and $500 awards, there is an application that can be requested from the JCRS office by phone at (504) 828-6334, or toll-free at 1-800-729-5277, or by email at:
campapps AT jcrsnola DOT org


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