January 9, 2008


'The Jewish Americans,' a three-part documentary of 350 years of Jewish American history begins tonight on PBS. Local broadcast times here.


Gil Tamary of Israel's Channel 10 interviews Condoleeza Rice; she discusses growing up in Alabama:
SECRETARY RICE: Well, I think any American Secretary of State going all the way back has had a strong interest in trying to see if we couldn't help use American influence to bring an end to the conflict. But yes, I think that sometimes one has to be careful about analogies. But I feel that I understand a little bit that when an Israeli mother puts a child to bed in Sderot or in a place that is under Haifa that they are -- you put your child to bed just a little bit afraid that maybe a bomb will go off.

And you know, since I lost a childhood friend in that bombing of the church in Birmingham, a little girl -- who with whom I'd gone to kindergarten, I know my mother must have had that fear. And I know, too, that a Palestinian mother who has to tell her child, well, we're not going to go on that road. Because you're Palestinian, must feel a little bit of a humiliation, even the anger that my parents felt when they had to say to their six or seven year old daughter, well, you can't go in there because you're black.

And that's the reason that this conflict needs to end. You know, we talk about the two-state solution. It's a kind of antiseptic concept, the two-state solution. But what we're really talking about is a state that the Palestinians can have that is a homeland for the Palestinian people and next to Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people -- defensible homeland for the Jewish people. And that, it says to me, means so much more than the phrase the "two-state solution" because it means that when that is achieved, Israeli and Palestinian parents and their children will grow up each in their own state with their own futures in their hands.

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