After drawing great crowds last year, the Birmingham Holocaust Education Committee and Birmingham Public Library are once again offering a month of Brown Bag Lunch programs about the Holocaust.

The meetings are every Wednesday in March, starting at noon in the Arrington Auditorium in the Linn-Henley building downtown.

On March 5, Robert Adler of the University of North Alabama will speak on “A Reluctant Journey from Vienna to New York.” The topic deals with the development of the Holocaust in Austria, focusing on his father’s personal experience before, during and after his capture by the Nazis and his final arrival in the United States. He will also speak briefly about the role of Spain in the Holocaust and the conflict between Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler over the fate of Spanish Jews.

On March 12, Holocaust survivor Max Herzel of Birmingham will speak about his experiences. At the age of 10, Herzel, along with his family, escaped from the German invasion of their home city of Antwerp, Belgium, and sought refuge in France. Soon after their arrival in France, the Herzels, along with other Jews, were rounded up there, and during the next five years until his rescue, Herzel faced harrowing experiences.

On March 19, Holocaust survivor Max Steinmetz will speak. Born in Romania, Steinmetz was captured by the Nazis at age 17 in 1941, and was incarcerated at Auschwitz, imprisoned at Birkenau and Dachau and escaped from the German Death March, seeking refuge in a farm house.

On March 26, Matthew Levey of Birmingham-Southern College will speak about “The Holocaust Writings of Primo Levi.” Levi is an author and Holocaust survivor. Levey will examine how the increasing adoption of some of these works, particularly “Survival in Auschwitz,” by high school curricula fits in the changing landscape of American memory of the Holocaust.

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